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Originally Posted by marcva View Post
Yes the V8 has a note that a 6 can't match. I still remember the awesome wail of the GTRs when they ran, but the 6s have a music all their own. I'm getting ready to bolt a Corsa onto my own I-6. (though I'm also eyeing a used E90M as an upgrade after they depreciate next year).

At least we're not driving Toyotas
The GTR had a flat plane crankshaft P65 engine, unlike the cross plane crank of the S65 engine. Same as a Ferrari V8 has, and why a Ferrari 458 does NOT sound like your regular V8...

To me (as a European) I'm glad BMW went with a cross bank exhaust on the M5 so it doesn't sound just like any other V8. The S65 sounds really great and will be a hard act to follow, but IMHO there is something about BMW and straight sixes.

Classic M cars have been straight six engines, incl. M1, 1M, E36 M3, E46 M3, E28 M5, E34 M5. To me the BMW straight six has a great sound and I'm sure (or at least hope ) the next M3/M4 will sound better in person than it does on videos taken with simple cams and poor microphones...