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Originally Posted by Transfer View Post
lol. BMW's turbo engines might not have much throttle lag, but in comparison to my M3, they have minutes of lag. And we're not talking about just stoplight racing but at speed when you stab the throttle of the M3, it instantly changes power to the ground. Go ahead and drive one and coast at 40mph in 2nd gear then stab the throttle and watch what happens. I guarantee you the turbos don't do that. BMW might pull some magic on the new M3/4 with an electric turbo, but for now, the turbos have some lag in comparison to the E9x M3.

I'm sure this new M will be a fast car but it won't share the same driving dynamics and emotion of past generations.
I agree with you about the instant throttle response of the NA cars. However, there is nothing wrong with the driving dynamics or emotions of my 1M. Instant throttle response can't hide the extra 300 lbs that the E9x M3 is carrying.
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