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Originally Posted by marcva View Post
People all seem to be harping on the fact that the new M's motor won't sound sporty enough or "loud" enough for their tastes.

The I6 is a nice sounding motor, and there are typically lot of aftermarket exhaust options to make the car as obnoxiously loud as you want. I remember when the E36M3 came out, there was a wave of aftermarket exhaust purchases, followed shortly thereafter by a wave of very inexpensive, slightly used aftermarket exhaust sales as wives and girlfriends across the country reinforced a more pragmatic view. I was single and driving my E36 on tracks a lot, and I bought a slightly used B&B triflow for $200 from a guy who was selling *three* different exhausts that he had tried, all of which were too loud to live with. It was OK for me alone, but annoying (almost a bit embarrassing) those few occasions when the car was loaded with three guests. Not so cool for double date night if you had to drive

"Hey, it sounds like you could use a new muffler."

"Er, this IS a new muffler."

Yes the V8 has a note that a 6 can't match. I still remember the awesome wail of the GTRs when they ran, but the 6s have a music all their own. I'm getting ready to bolt a Corsa onto my own I-6. (though I'm also eyeing a used E90M as an upgrade after they depreciate next year).

At least we're not driving Toyotas
I know someone who has always had both. And when that person absolutely must get there no ifs or buts because $$$ is at stake (job related reasons) guess which keys said person grabs? Yeah love BMWs, but with my previous M3, and my current E92 for most of its first 3/4 of its life atleast... word reliable doesn't even come close to discribing them; So until proven different I will still own something else along with my BMWs.
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