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Originally Posted by Boss330
Originally Posted by marcva View Post
Yes the V8 has a note that a 6 can't match. I still remember the awesome wail of the GTRs when they ran, but the 6s have a music all their own. I'm getting ready to bolt a Corsa onto my own I-6. (though I'm also eyeing a used E90M as an upgrade after they depreciate next year).

At least we're not driving Toyotas
The GTR had a flat plane crankshaft P65 engine, unlike the cross plane crank of the S65 engine. Same as a Ferrari V8 has, and why a Ferrari 458 does NOT sound like your regular V8...

To me (as a European) I'm glad BMW went with a cross bank exhaust on the M5 so it doesn't sound just like any other V8. The S65 sounds really great and will be a hard act to follow, but IMHO there is something about BMW and straight sixes.

Classic M cars have been straight six engines, incl. M1, 1M, E36 M3, E46 M3, E28 M5, E34 M5. To me the BMW straight six has a great sound and I'm sure (or at least hope ) the next M3/M4 will sound better in person than it does on videos taken with simple cams and poor microphones...
You are sort of correct but i see a flaw in your classic M cars have straight sixes.

You left out the classic of all classics the original e30 which only had four cylinders. To include this car into your mix, your statement should read: