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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Because the cars are very, very similar in size, materials, constructions, electronics, really everything... Just because the parts are all new, doesn't mean they are essentially different.
So you think the E90 M3 is going to be more similar to the F80 than the F30 335i in size, materials, construction, electronics and really everything? Sorry but it's obvious that for example the size, interior and engine is much more like the F30 335i than the E90. It seems like a much better reference point and much more likely to be F80's starting point when designing it than the E90 M3's older platform.

As a reference the F10 M5 is within 20 lbs of the 550i while it's almost 300 lbs between it and the E60 M5. It seems obvious that the platform plays a more significant role than it's predecessor.

Therefore I think it's better to forget about the E90 as a comparison for weight and instead look at the F30 335i and analyze what need to be added for strength, power, width, traction/LSD etc and what can be reduced with lightweight materials to get a better idea of what we can reasonably expect when M makes weight reduction a focus and it's main design objective. How good are they? We'll see.

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