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Originally Posted by //M sa View Post
So wait... E92m does 0-62 in 4 seconds? No mods? And now the f80m is also at or below 4 seconds? Hmmm ok then so a heavier less torque car does the same time at a light turbo charged car. These forums are just too funny...BMW is a liar :-)

What they are saying is that BMW quoted a 0-60 of like 4.6 for the e9x and it actually tested as low as 4.0.

The f8x is quoted at 4.1 so it could conceivably be expected to be well below 4.0. But as some said , traction is a big problem with that low of times.

The difference should be very substantial from a roll, and also seen in quarter mile trap speeds

M3 and other bmws have almost always run faster times in tests than BMW quoted.