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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
Granted I haven't driven the i8 but to me it's a stupid car.
Why dilute a sports car with hybrid lameness?

I am all for electric or gas sports cars. I love the tesla. But hybrid is always going to be less than the sum of the parts, it's crappy at being an electric or combustion. It makes compromises. There is value in being focused and simple.

Imagine the car with looks of the i8 and the sound and feel of a V10. It's been done before by exotic manufacturers because it's a good idea. Or make it all electric. Tesla proved it can be done and the result is amazing with the model S.

Hybrids are not the future, car makers are just scared to jump all in to electrics. I would much rather an R8 (even an 8 cylinder) than the i8. It looks mental, that's why it's drawing the crowds, not because of its driving dynamics or nice mpg. i3 is a brilliant idea but it's the ugliest thing since the Aztec and it won't sell for that reason. Then BMW will complain how they tried electrics and the market just doesn't exist. i8 is a waste of a good design. It will be remembered as an awkward but stylish experiment from BMW before they developed a real business strategy other then 'aggressive model and line additions (that no one asked for) paired with a confused vision of a future to drive volume'.

Just my opinion. We can agree to disagree, but I am here to stay.

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