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I can see both sides here.

The M3/M4 are not dedicated performance cars; they are built to be good all-around drivers for a variety of uses. In that sense, I don't see why optional AWD would automatically be out of place.

That said, with the numbers the F8x is slated to put to the ground, the added weight of the system may not necessarily be offset by whatever traction advantage it provides.

Furthermore, on the topic of AWD as it pertains to added utility rather than added performance, well, I agree that there are only a very few scenarios where a non-SAV BMW with xDrive will get you where an M3/M4(/M5/M6) won't. Now, the AWD might give you more confidence or better peace of mind, and it's certainly a valid reason for wanting the system. But, at the same time you have to draw the line somewhere, and I understand why BMW has resisted yielding to that kind of thinking so far when it comes to deciding the feature set for the M passenger cars.

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then you don't want or aren't in the market for the m3. you want a different car.

the m3 is supposed to be a nimble and track capable car.

what you are looking for isn't an m3. its not a problem with the m3, its just that you want a different type of car than the m3.