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Originally Posted by gthal View Post
Or maybe it's just their opinion... why is it biased?

When someone says something we agreed with it is "honest" and when they say something we don't agree with then it is "biased".

I also happen to think the M4 sounds good... whether it is better than an RS5 is subjective. I would have thought most people would say no but if someone thought it was, then I guess that is their "biased" opinion
Fair point. But if we do a little exercise just for fun:

Let's score the styling 8-8 instead of 9-7 for the M4. That brings the M4 from to 236 to 235 and RS5 from 228 to 229. (Some would even argue if the RS5 wasn't 6 yrs old it might actually be better styling)
Then let's flip the sound score from 8-6 to 6-8. That brings the M4 to 233 and the RS5 to 231. Much closer. The m4 would still have the edge but mainly due to its track performance. That's how I would score it but I of course am biased.

Anyways all I'm saying is bias/opinion/preference comes into play for subjective ratings which then appear as an objective overall score.

Sidenote: the Audis weight and aero drag really affect its top speed performance. I would not want to race a M4 at speed if I were in my would be quite embarrassing.