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If it achieves 3300 lb curb weight, this car will break some hearts and egos with that powerband.

OT and a but needs to be said.
Originally Posted by M3takesNYC View Post
The e46 was 3450 which is much higher than most actually know.
Its more than most folks know because that dataset is invalid. 3450 lbs is not what the 46M weighs unless you are smuggling a pair of 3rd graders in the trunk.

Here is real data:

My car came off the factory floor one of the fattest M3 coupes (I called her Miss Piggy back then) you can order and even with additional stereo components STILL did not achieve the weight you claim.

With almost a full tank of gas, sunroof, SMG, PDC, OEM 19" boat anchors, nav and a 12" speaker box + 5 channel amp (+65 lbs) topped out at 3410. ZERO weight reduction - tool box and M mobility kit still in the trunk. I was trying to get it as FAT as possible for my initial weigh in before I put her on a diet.

This weight from the Long-Acre scales ( ) was verified by the CCA at several Auto-X events that first year on their scales as well.

Just for reference, non-sunroof 6MT car is right at or below 3300 stock on the same scales. Sunroof (+45), SMG (+15) and NAV (+10) do not add 150 pounds to the 46M's weight. I have removed those components from my car and weighed them and the car afterwards.

Miss piggy today sits at 3290 lbs with the full interior, the same stereo and 1/2 tank of gas.
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