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Originally Posted by ///M4ster Yoda View Post
Can someone tell me why this thread exists? The F80 is going out of production in the coming year (2018)

Is BMW really gonna put out a "special" model for one calendar year?

I get why the F82 CS is gonna exist. The EOP is 2020.

This is a pipe dream thread
Actually it is the exact reason why they want to release this one last version before EOP. Squeeze out the last cents they can get from customers. Their primarily targets should be those who are looking to switch rides within the M family instead of prying from the competitors. There are a lot of them out there.

Labeling it CRT would be more likely than CS for the sedan, but how they are going to price it will be crucial since they have so many packages and versions now for the F8x. Base, ZCP, CS, CRT, GTS. All are within 70-120k.