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Originally Posted by ynguldyn View Post
Have you noticed that none of the G20s we've seen had MT? I'm not claiming we shouldn't expect any MTs yet, but I feel like with just a little bit more evidence I could make that call.
Good point.

Still, the take rate for the manual M3/M4 (especially F80) is still pretty high in the US according to the post SickFinga linked to. I wonder what it is for the 330i and 340i? Another possibly relevant observation is, the 5 Series MT died a generation (or maybe even two? I don't know what was available overseas by the end of the E60 run) before the M5 MT did.

I also notice that they still allow you to get an MT with xDrive in the 340i today. That suggests that even if the M3/M4 go AWD (which I am not at all convinced of, yet), the MT could theoretically remain on the table. I agree with SickFinga that the move to AWD would definitely make the whole thing less likely though, simply because its even more permutations to deal with on top of an already more complex drivetrain.