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BMW sources tell us it will be another two years before the next M3 actually hits the market, and that has to do with the life cycles of the various 3-series body styles. There will be another M3 coupe and an M3 convertible with a retractable hard top, both of which will be launched at the same time as the sedan. Since the F30 coupe and convertible haven’t yet been announced, we’ll have to wait for all three.
This statement is in opposition to what known insiders in the Bimmerpost community have said so far. Could things change? Sure. But I would not automatically expect C&D to have the most accurate info, especially at this point in the game. For now, I would expect the M3 sedan will actually launch before the coupe and convertible this time. I do agree with the 2014 timeframe, at least for the US, though we'll probably get official info on the car sometime in 2013, and it will probably launch at that time in Europe. The coupe and convertible should follow a year or so after.

Furthermore, I don't see where C&D claims the current M3 will be around for two more years as you said, they only put a timeframe on when the expect the next one to arrive. The F32 3(4?) series coupe is nearly certain to hit around mid next year sometime, at which point the M3 will go out of production.

Edit: I see where they made the "two years" claim now, in the second to the last sentence of the article. Simply put, they are wrong.

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