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Originally Posted by TT1351 View Post
Euro seats are very light, most articles claim a 50% weight reduction, (I question that) but if US stock weighs 50 lbs, I suspect 2 would weigh over a 100 lbs, and if a Euro cf seat weighs 10 lbs, 2 weighing 20 lbs, plus brackets about 5 lbs total (guessing here) I feel you would save 85 lbs or so by swapping. If you opt to mount the harness use with these seats, the mounting hardware would add more, as would the brackets that need to be welded to the floor to mount the harness. I have an unmounted set with brackets I can weigh when I get some free time.
How do you figure that from the weights quoted above?

The US GTS seat itself (not the sliders) weighs about 40 pounds. The Euro GTS seats weigh 10 pounds each but have side-mount brackets and hardware that weighs ~5 pounds per seat. It is not possible to save 85 lbs by swapping in two 15 lb seats for two 40 lb seats.

At most you would save 50 pounds, and that is without any provision for 6 point belts.