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Hey Everyone,

So I was at the dealership having a few minor things fixed while I'm still under warranty, and my SA asked if I had tuned the car because his tech that had taken it for a drive felt that it was faster than other F80 M3's. I had said no, and that the dealership that I had bought it from had said it wasn't tuned. He quickly backed down when I asked if he would help assist me in talking to the previous dealership, but even still, I am now unsure. I reached out to BM3 and gave them my VIN, but they were unable to help me. I checked the boost levels, but didn't see anything over the 18psi that ZCP's are known to max out at. Anyway, I'd be open to some input if anyone has any insight. Thanks.

Contact Mike @ BPM or Alex @ Mission Performance Tuning
They both can assist you in confirming if your ECU has been programmed. They can evaluate the coding data.
All manufacturers these days have software within their factory diagnostic tools to detect ECU tampering "performance software"
Some aftermarket software engineers might have ways to offer performance software without being detected.

I would recommend reaching out to Mike or Alex to assist you in confirming what your DME's status is.
Good luck
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