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Appreciate the feedback and insight so far!

According to Carfax it was a minor sideswipe on by the driver side headlight and corner. It said no frame damage or mechanical concern. I asked the sales person at the BMW certified dealership and he said the car was parked and another car hit them. He also told me that BMW would not sell a car if it was not in a CLEAN RETAIL status because banks wouldn't finance anything under that and that is when cars below that status get sent to auto auctions.

For the price, it's the best I could find and it was in TX so I knew it wouldn't have the winter issues. It also has all the packages I would like in my first M4: competition and executive and from 2017-2019.

If anyone is in the area and would help inspecting or knows a mechanic near the area I'd be happy to compensate.

Thanks in advance!
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