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Originally Posted by theblue0404 View Post
Sup Man! Did you get new wheels?
Yes sir! I got the stock 18s with the stock Michelins ***/40-18. My goodness, no joke, my car pulls sooooooo much harder. My wife, who knows nothing about cars, even says that she feels the difference when I floor it. Its crazy what 2 lbs of rotational mass will do to the performance. Plus, the thicker tires make the car ride so smooth. I don't have anymore worry on the road. I have the same grip, lighter wheels, and more comfort. Love it man...absolutely love it. Best investment ever on the car...I can actually drive it in sport +...

How are you man? How's the car? Your car looks sick, dude. One of the best, for sure. =) Those wheels.....ahhhhh, those wheels.

We gotta meet up one of these days, have a little Socal meet.

Oh, and I got a modest spring upgrade. M.S. springs...not too low, stiff as hell, and overall nice ride with the thicker rubber now.