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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
Based on history and DNA you are probably correct. On the other hand the W205 has the potential to be both a little lighter and significantly more powerful than the current car. My guess is that their benchmark (to beat) is there own 507 model today. It's going to be a quick car.
As I postet before:

According to german car magazines the new standard C205 would be 80 to 100kg lighter than the recent C204 ... reached by making many parts out of aluminium instead of steal - hood, fenders, doors and the trunk.
... it seems relativ clear that also the base C205 will be much lighter ... since all german car magazines wrote this in their C Class presentations articles, I am sure that this will be happen.
About the C63 some sources wrote that there would be more weight savings over the base car ... probably carbon-compount material for hood, roof and trunk .. I donīt know the weight of the M157 engine but I think, it wonīt be extremly heavy vs. the NA M156

So I fear BMW M-GmbH has taken the wrong decision to bring the 80kg lighter M3/M4 with an 430hp 3.0ltr.R6 TT ... also the current C63 is not too far back on track vs. the E9xM3 - nearer than all precessors.
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