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Originally Posted by T Bone View Post
OK, now I am going to call you out..... The M6 doesn't have run flats and the suspension was not tuned to RFTs. On your belief that in "M" mode unlocks the governer, it doesn't. I have run my M6 before and after my Dinan SW upgrade (that removes the limiter). There is nothing special about the M button for top speed.

Stop making stuff up about put yourself in a position where your other claims are tainted by obvious inaccuracies.

As a wise manager once told me: "To dig yourself out of a hole, you must first stop digging"
It comes with RFT's numb nuts, i fucking have one.

It may not have the gov my dad may have had it taken off, I have taken that car to 192 according to the HUD, I do remember taking it to 155 and it cutting off when i first got it, but i wasnt in P500 sport, who knows maybe that changes it maybe its got software.