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Originally Posted by Artz 330 View Post
Yea buddy. The 335i is mine, it has procede. It had a bad tank of gas which I posted was throwing me into Limp Mode. I flushed out the system with 100 oct. put in half a tank of luk oil, no codes for 1000 Miles car runs great. it has 3500 miles on it now. And it STILL does not pull on the M. Thats a Fact Still. My girl was driving the 335 last night we both hit it in 1st gear, from 10 mph to 100. M still came out on top.. Sorry but this kid is full of shit. Just like in the other thread the kid said he ran a 996 turbo. I also ran one in the 335i and got destroyed. So until you own both cars and drive them every day and put an obnoxious amount of miles on them, GTFO.... Ohh and another fact. The 335i when it was stock the Auto runs dead even with a 6 speed. This was verified with both of my friends who own 335i with manual. With procede the 335i pulls on the stock 335's in almost the same way the M would kill a stock 335i. When we purchased the car the M raped the 335i. Due to the weight difference I beleive the extra Boost makes up that gap. and thats about it. Now the M stays about 1-2 car lengths ahead only depending on how hot or cold the weather is. So UNLESS someone can Prove to me that my 335i with procede is not performing. I call BS.
I already posted vids what more do you need? Where are your vids? WalkedU even has whole threads on it.