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Originally Posted by bavarian19 View Post
For the amount that BMW spends on marketing and creating 'edition' models that are just a special paint, is it that hard to create a well engineered exhaust note?
For example, why is it that the akra exhaust on the new M5 sounds great on its own without audio amplification? Its not the turbo/non-turbo debate with exhaust note. There can be a well designed exhaust note, but BMW cheats their way in delivering that.
It just leaves a bad taste in your mouth with how 'well' engineered everything is on the M models to them taking the easy way out.
Easy to explain: it's all about regulations. BMW has to pass legal hoops - it cannot get a car cleared for public road use if specific mandatory levels are not met or exceeded (CO2, decibel, etc.) (except for track use only products). Quite some market manufacturers allow themselves more freedom, sometimes offering products which, (f)actually, do not comply with regulations applicable to public road use (and thus putting the buyer at risk not to pass a next car control).
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