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Originally Posted by A418t81 View Post
Swamp, the S65 is weak relative to other M motors BMW has produced, and the N54 as well. The S54 and N54 have been proven to make 700+ whp reliably. A 600 whp S65 appears to be a time bomb. Yes, I see them...but I also see them blow up. A 700 whp stock S65 would maybe last for a single pull. There has yet to be a single engine failure with a a single turbo powered N54 over 600 whp and obviously the E46 M3s are well documented in their power-making abilities.
Oh my god ... what a BS !!!

Do you really mean, that you are properly informed about BMW engines !?

Its really common sence, that the only two engines with known greater issues were the two 54er, the BMW AG N54 and the M-GmbH S54 ... especially the S65 engine has no really known issues.