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Originally Posted by ake View Post
No time for that in the evening...

And in NC it is already evening... so what is the answer "now"?
Haha, well, at the moment the thought proses goes like this.

Why did I rely on an estimate, since it's always just an estimate.

Why do I want that car enough to not want something else.

Why the fuck can't I just get a life?

Why can't I get interested in the former one again?

Why do I care, and why on earth Audi's logo give me the creeps.

Mercs, why can't I just give in?

Who actually likes cars, can't I just do something girly with my time?

Why does the urge to punch someone appear to be constant?

Why can't I have normal friends, who wouldn't laugh at my face when I talk about this?

Why do I have friends, when they are all miserable fuckers?

Why the hell can't I just grow up, and pick a car in the traditional female way of color?

Why does my dear spouse want to die enough to say (yes, I called him, shit) "Well, go next year, the kids will be bigger, you can take them with you".

There are some other thoughts but those are the most prominent ones right now.

Oh yeah, there is a risk of me finally flipping completely, so the milk run will be an extended one tonight. I'm once again thinking Canada.