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Originally Posted by classyfast
I don't understand why folks that do not hardcore track get these brakes in the first place. I'm sure the number of hardcore "dedicated track f8x M's" can be counted on one hand right now so why go with these? The technology is still pretty new for street cars, definitely would not consider it for my next M car
Why do people who couldn't drive an Accord to its limits buy anything faster? Why do people who will never track buy an M3 when a 335i would be more than adequate for their needs, never mind those who buy super cars just to take supermodels to restaurants? People want bragging rights, low brake dust, and the enjoyment (imagined or otherwise) of reduced unsprung weight.

I don't see the point of CCBs myself since the upgrade cost alone will pay for a lot of car washes for the road-only folks, and on the track their additional lifespan over steel isn't commensurate with their higher running costs -- and that's before considering the risk of ruining one prematurely by chipping it during a wheel swap or by kicking of debris if you go off-track. If they were cheaper or I had a lot more cash, then sure (as long as I was ok with reduced wheel options), but the numbers don't add up now.
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