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Originally Posted by Scrippy
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8G's?!!! What's it cost with labor?!!!!
One rotor costs $4200.

Front brake pad set costs $650.

DIY for front brake rotors: $9050

Definitely not the option you want outside of warranty.
Not really an option I want at all. I'm sure they're great brakes but that is ridiculous! Besides, I'm not pushing it hard enough on the track to require these. Maybe if I was a guy on the track weekly or a club racer, I would put'em to the test. I couldn't help but think every use of the brake pedal is $50 in day to day driving.
I was dealing on an M6 a few months back and when I asked them how much it was to replace the brakes at 100kms they told me $8k per corner! It made it an easy decision. In roughly 5 years I will need to spend $32k to replace the brakes on a car that would be worth around $60k. Not worth it at all.