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Originally Posted by MatthewDavid View Post
I started a thread for general CCB feedback sometime ago, it'd be great to see more posts on it! FTS has a great thread going on for track specific use. As of right now I'm pretty stoked to have the CCBs. And I'm still waiting for someone with an F8X (not someone that knows someone with a Porsche or a login to Rennlist...) to share some actual feedback. Sigh. For those that are having the rock issue that sucks for sure but I'm less worried about that personally given warranty/flaw and wheel/tire insurance.
They are the same manufacturer and same design as PCCB. why would experience using them on a porsche not apply to the bmw with the same brakes? if anything we are dealing with much heavier cars so their benefit is relatively lower since their only measurable quality is lower unsprung weight.

you won't see an M5 needing replacement ccb's because you won't see them on a track? I have had 3 students in F10 M5's in the last 3 years and all had steels. I had over a dozen F8X students. 2 with ccb's. drove on f8x with ccb's on 3 different tracks including bmw's performance center.

the truth is no one can really justify them other than saying they swear they feel they stop better or they feel lighter which is ridiculous. they look good and they are lighter. thats what you tell everyone at the bar. they last longer as long as you cruise down the boulevard. thats the reality.
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