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Originally Posted by Ade_7 View Post
Absolutely lovely!

That rear end looks very familiar
The spoiler and diffuser do look very nice in black though

Personally I'm not sure I'm a fan of the black bits on the front bumper though. Maybe its the lighting but they almost look to me like you've lost the definition of parts of the bumper. Kind of like an M3 in Black Sapphire I always felt they seem to lose most of the shape and aggression because there's no contrast between the body colour and grilles etc. Still the world would be very dull if everyone liked exactly the same things

Just a set of springs should finish the look off nicely
I took my inspiration from your rear end, so thank you for the ideas.

Agree with the front bumper bits, need to try again in different lighting.

And yes, me thinks the springs and spacers would finish it off nicely.