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Originally Posted by secretanchitman View Post
The car needs to pass through customs first then it'll sit at the VPC anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Our last car had wheel damage as we drove it around during our European Delivery and it was replaced and the car was in showroom/factory condition when we took delivery!

I would not worry about the quality of VPC repairing the car because they literally are a mini BMW factory of sorts - every car they have repaired has been brought back up to original spec before it goes to the dealer. That being said, both of our cars have been on boats so it's common to see it be damaged during transit and that's okay! It will go back to original condition when it comes to you!

My car just landed at the port earlier today in Baltimore, did yours too?
Thank you for the reply. No, mine is en route now, and has been for about a week now. I am sure it its passage will end at the last port, which will be Brunswick, Ga, as I am not far from that location. I think I will be the only one in town with a BMW like the custom that I ordered, and I am serious. No one in town has this color, or year as yet. And where I work, LOTS of Bimmers and Mercedes. It is gorgeous. So, If it has been away from port for a week now, I am thinking I will get it from the dealership by Thanksgiving. I certainly hope so.