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As a guy looking forward to purchasing an M2 in a few years, I gotta ask why you guys aren't worried by the "there's no decision yet" part of his answer? I would have assumed they already decided on the M2. This kind of worries me. Although I suppose he wouldn't tease about the M2 if it wasn't likely?

On topic, very pleased to read what has been posted here about the M4.
There's very little chance that they would miss out on the sales and positive brand image an M2 would generate, especially after the success of the 1M, especially when they have all the pieces in place (motor, chassis, etc. as he said in the interview). It probably hasn't been approved for production and there would be a lot of work to do before they decide on the right price and specifications, but I would be absolutely shocked if there wasn't an M2 within three if not two years. BMW would be stupid to sit back and let Mercedes and Audi have this market all to themselves with the A/CLA 45 AMG and RS3 especially at a time when the M3 is growing larger and more expensive leaving so much room for a smaller, cheaper entry-level M car.

I was like 90% set on getting an F80 M3 but if the M2 has a six-cylinder engine, it just moved to the top of my short list.
I agree 100%. FN said it himself they already have the engine and chassis, like they did with the 1M taking components from all across BMW's line and creating something special. If the M2 will have an I6 as opposed to an I4, I couldn't justify buying an M3..... especially with the improved driving dynamics the M2 would hold over the M3 with reduced weight