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Originally Posted by basscadet View Post
The GT is far more capable than the 335i and is more of a performance match for the M3. Cost doesn't really factor here. If the GT 350 were available yet, that's surely what we would compare with the M3 but the results would not be pretty for the M3.

I cancelled my '11 M3 lease deal at the last moment after I test drove an '11 GT out of guilt. I ended up buying the Mustang.

I agree with everything you have said about the sloppy GT handling but I would say that 90% of the slop in the Mustang can be eliminated with very minor suspension modifications. Koni yellows and sport springs made gigantic improvements to the way the car felt. Almost to the point that it is criminal Ford did not include such a suspension as factory. The car was quite literally transformed in terms of handling, much more buttoned-down and M3-like. Still, the live axle was a pain in the ass and ultimately I had to get rid of the car.

The core problems of the Mustang were not the performance or interior (which isn't THAT bad), it was the fact that in the end it is a Mustang, they are a dime-a-dozen, and the retro styling made me just hate to have to look at it.
If you take even 1/4 of the money saved vs an M3 and put it into tightening up the handling and braking, you'd really have something. The brakes themselves are fine but I found it difficult to transition from hard braking to turn-in, possibly because the suspension and the chassis it's bolted to is so soft. I really didn't want my post to sound like it was criticizing the Mustang, you get a TON of car for the money. I just think it's clear where the extra money is going in the M3 so I feel these comparisons are ridiculous. The interior on the fifth gen Mustang really bothered me but the pictures of the new one look great. I was HUGELY surprised by the interior quality on the current Ford Focus, I went to test the ST with a friend of mine and I thought the leather felt a lot nicer than the Dakota Leather you get in standard BMWs, the steering and shifter action was very nice, pedals gave good feedback, the Recaro seats were excellent. That Focus ST really made me hopeful that Ford will hit this new Mustang out of the park and if the GT stays under $35,000 it would probably become my favorite car in that price range.