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Originally Posted by Ezio
Originally Posted by Roki_014 View Post
i am sorry but which performance are you referring too, current mustang 5.0 has same performance as the current m3 and its 25-30k cheaper, i am just saying, i am a BMW fan too but come on, everyone here is OMG car is soo good to me it looks like an overpriced m-sport model w quad exhaust thats 10-20k more than a regular 3 or 4 series,remember its Marketing now not Motorsport
I think people forget that the 5.0L mustangs IS a fast car though. it came out in 2011 where the M3 came out in 2007-2008.

Even if the 5.0L mustang can keep up with a M3. the mustang fails hard in the luxury, style, and overall feel of the car. trust me i have driven many 5.0L mustangs. i would never want one. one of my very good friends owns one. after driving my M3, he said he will never buy a mustang again. so there IS more to this than you think.

stop just looking at what the cars do on paper. go drive them.

plus when they did the M3 VS 5.0L testing they did both cars with a 6 speed tranny. i bet a DCT is would be clearly faster than a 5.0L.
Well said.

Too many bench racers out there. I've spent a good deal of time--on and off track--in my E92 M3 and my buddy's 2013 Mustang GT.

Conclusion: I personally think the current Mustang GT is an INCREDIBLE performance bargain, but the E9X M3 as a performance car is head and shoulders above it. The Mustang GT can be wrangled and forced into fast laps that match the E9X M3, but the E9X M3 does it with a precision and confidence to its handling that isn't even in the same league.

Still though, if this current generation Mustang GT can be purchased for 15 grand or less in the next 5 years, I'd be interested in picking one up. That's a LOT of performance for not a lot of money.