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Originally Posted by Roki_014 View Post
i have driven the mustang 5.0 and own the 335 m sport 2013 and i dunno why is everyone saying how luxury bmw is, i am sure m5 is and the 7 series but my 3 series squeaks everywhere and on top of that its been in the shop at least once a month since i got it, reason i mention mustang is because performance numbers are very similar and also i don't think that the current m3 is 30k plus better than the mustang gt
you are having a bad experience with your 3 series. my m3 has been great, no problems. i love the interior, the car has much more leather over a mustang.

i am not saying the M3 is some crazy luxury car. but its still better than a mustang.

again yes the mustang can perform similar ON PAPER. but go drive them both! you will see what we are talking about.