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Originally Posted by ROBD314 View Post
I personally like the sound. The E9X only guys won't get it, it's a I6 not a V8 and it is not going to try to sound like one either. Having a '14 335i and a E92 in my garage that I'm car sitting , I have spent a lot of time behind the wheel of each and enjoy the personality of both. Yes, the V8 of the previous generation is amazing and the throttle blip on downshift is like a drug but I'm sure this car will have some personality traits that will make it loved by many. For example the pop on upshift my 335 w/Mperf exhaust is awesome and I know the F10 M5 guys enjoy this as well. I think it's a nice blend of the E46 metallic sound and late model N55's... A set of DP's and an aftermarket exhaust will just make this thing even better. Just my two cents
Here is my view:

A. The stock exhaust does not sound great.
B. Exhaust is probably the easiest part of the car one can improve, and this is one area that aftermarket manufacturers do a great job at, so I don't think this will be too much of a problem.
C. The nimble, lightweight, torquey feeling of the new car will be what I will love about. In my mind, it's an E46 with the F10 technology gadgets. Cannot wait to get mine.