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Originally Posted by Ducfan View Post
Made my decision last night for SO - slept great. Then today bringing my kids to their Saturday morning sports stuff I swear I saw a dozen orangish cars that I hate .....dodges, Nissans and some I don't really know for sure.
Don't know about you guys, but I think the 'burnt' orange Nissan GTR is one sexy beast. I did see a Challenger with an orange job today downtown and was not happy with that same train of thought you were having Duc... though I feel as though the SO isn't nearly as orange, so much as reddish orange, or reddish, or not, all depending on the lighting. I think that's what throws me off with it personally.

If I had a bigger set on me, I'd probably go with the SO exterior just to stand out, but then again I'd probably be more likely to go the hornet route if I were to change... ultimately much more likely to just stick it out with BSM as it sits on the order right now, and be as bold as I can with the SO interior.

If you slept great with the color selection you had originally, and it'd been on your mind for some time, maybe just roll with it. But I think that no matter what you decide it's going to be fantastic.

That last line is kind of a cop-out though on my part, so maybe you should just do as Lups says and join the swarm