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The new Lexus GS F Sport is looking pretty bangin' inside and out, and car reviewers tend to prefer it over the new 5 series. A lot of BMW's benchmark spots are being questioned at the moment, and some reviewers and buyers have switched over.

I think BMW makes fine cars, but not compared to what they used to do. I'm the owner of both an M Sport 2001 740i and a newer F02 750Li, I can't tell you how different the cars are and how much I prefer the e38 over the F02. Back in the day, you had the option of ordering a 7 series in Imola Red! It was simply a larger sports sedan instead of a Lexus imitation that makes you feel no passion for driving. Side by side, they're not that much different in length, so don't tell me how it has grown to the point of no return and that's why it's different. The new 5 is the same way. The new 3 is the same way. I had an F10 loaner the other day with TONS more body roll than my old 7 series - what's up with that? It was bouncy, lazy, but still managed to find mountain ranges of bumps to crash over. The only thing I enjoyed about that car was it was quite peppy and good on gas. Hopped into my e38 after and it was so playful, comfortable, and handled in a much more satisfying and raw way.

Back when BMW made cars that looked half decent, you didn't need to have a million dollars in options to make it drive as it should. It was raw, comfortable, sounded good, and had nice amenities with good looks to boot. The exterior design of the e38 started in 1988, and 24 years later, I'd still choose it over mostly everything out there.

I don't know how BMW can't look back and be jealous of what they used to be.

A BMW can be described in one simple, yet true statement, "From the outside you don't understand, from the inside you can't explain." How true is THAT?!

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