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I have seen MANY posts where people say they think the M3 looks better than the M4, is this all from online photos or have some of you actually seen them both in person? Reason I ask is because I think a car like a 4 series/M4 looks much better in person than photos can show and I have seen several people saying after seeing it at the autoshow they changed their mind and like the M4 more than the M3.

$2200 more for the M4 really isn't bad if you like the appearance better, If you are planning on getting it to $75,000 with options thats just 3% more (not like M6 vs M5 pricing). I have a feeling I will really like the M4 once I see it in person and I have always been a sedan person (especially with 2 kids), now the hard part of convincing my wife an M4 will work with a 5 and 7 year old (their ages when I buy it in 1 1/2 years).