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Originally Posted by HVYWGHT View Post
Actually, when you look at the angles of the cylinder banks in V configurations, the V8 is a balanced proposition while the V6 is not. I was not floored when the E9x M3 came out with a stellar V8 as BMW has been building fantastic 8 cylinders for years.

The V6 is certainly more compact from a packaging standpoint, that's why FWD cars adopted it back in the day.

In the end, if anyone can build a fantastic engine, it's BMW. And I will still be surprised by them abandoning the balance and expertise they have in the I6. A larger displacement, updated twin turbo I6 with a lighter overall body weight would suit the next M3. While a 3.5L V6 is eluded to above, I'll still have to wait and see. In the era of FWD BMWs and the loss of steering feel for 1mpg in the F25 and F10, I'm open to surprises from the blue and white propeller.

Maybe the cars will start coming with a $5 hooker.

Originally Posted by Prince_of_Persia View Post
Not impressed with the sound! Current M3 sounds way better! I also feel the current M3 looks more agressive (specially the front hood). Anyone else feel like this?
Not me! I can't accurately assess a vehicle that isn't finished yet. Do you remember how the E9X test mules looked?