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E-sys Error FEM_BODY: File for "cafd_ffffffff-255_255_255" not found! [C012]

I am getting error File for "cafd_ffffffff-255_255_255" not found! [C012] when selecting Read Coding Data for FEM_BODY.

This is what I am seeing:
1. Read and activate the FA. Then select Read ECU:
Name:  read_ecu.png
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Note the CAFD name looks weird: "cafd_ffffffff-255_255_255"

2. Right-click and select Read Config Data:
Name:  read_coding_data.png
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3. Get the following error and the FEM_BODY module name gets corrupted with an appended "[yyyyyyy]" just like in the error box:
Name:  read_coding_data-error.png
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I am getting this with and without the engine running.

Before this happened I had an unsuccessful "Code FDL" of the FEM_BODY. I do seem to have a file CAFD_00000794_012_037_100.ncd in the CAF folder at with a time stamp around the time the "Code FDL" error, which I did not save. Wonder if this has the proper name and if I can fix this.

I seem to be able to "Read Config Data" without errors for other CAFDs, say the EPS one above it.

The car is 2015 M3

Please help!