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Originally Posted by kubax86 View Post
As a summer promotion I can offer for all of you guys special price for Apple Carplay activation + Screen Mirroring + Video in Motion + Full Screen for Apple Carplay(if possible).

It's limited time promotion so hurry up if your car is equipped with NBT EVO and you don't have Carplay or you don't have Full Screen.

If your dealer updates software -> no worries I will provide one more time activation for FREE

Activation is for NBT EVO iDrive 5 and iDrive 6.

Note that Full Screen will ONLY be active on cars with version:
NBTevo_N or NBTevo_O (USB Activation)
NBTevo_P or NBTevo_Q or NBTevo_R (ENET Activation)

Checking NBTevo version is easy:

Go to "Navigation" ->
Choose "Map" ->
Press Options button ->
Select "Navigation settings" ->
Scroll down to "Position and version" ->
Select "Version information"

This solution for any software besides NBTevo_P or NBTevo_Q or NBTevo_R is EASY TO USE USB PLUG&PLAY 1-2 MINUTES INSTALLATION!
You'll receive file, and then just copy it to FAT32 formatted USB DRIVE, plug it in your car, 1 minute and you're DONE!
Detailed instruction will be provided after purchase.

Solution for NBTevo_P, NBTevo_Q, NBTevo_R requires only ENET Cable.

Prerequisites for newer software:
ENET Cable
Firewall and Antiviturs turned OFF
Strong internet connection
Engine ON

1. Download the app that we'll sent you for activation (simple one click App)
2. Start the car, then connect cable to your car and computer
3. Launch the app. You will receive from us code to enter it in the app - it's for activation features that you bought
4. Enter the code
5. Click start
6. Wait about 5-6 minutes till everything is finished

No need to use special software, coding skills are not required.
Detailed instructions will be provided after purchase.
Assistance via Teamviewer is possible if needed.

Contact me on PM if you want the best price possible for Carplay activation, Fullscreen for CarPlay activation or VIM activation.

Here are the few photos how CarPlay on Fullscreen look like!