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Suspension, Brakes, Wheels and Tires

Current modification list:
Motorsport Hardware Race Stud Conversion Kit
CSG CE1/CE2 Brake Pads
Project MU G-Four Brake Fluid
JRZ RS Pro 3-way Coilovers

First mod to go on the car was Motorsport Hardware's Race Stud conversion kit. It makes wheel mounting/removal much easier rather than using wheel bolts.

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Up next was brakes. Counterspace Garage came on board and we installed their CSG CE1 pads up front and CSG CE2 pads in the rear. The factory brake fluid was flushed and replaced with Project MU G-Four fluid.

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With the JRZ RS Pro-3 ways in hand, we mated the dampers with Swift Springs 10k/20k. Time to get to work.

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Motorsport Hardware came on board, and we decided to upgrade to their Race Spec Stud Conversion Kit, which makes removing and replacing wheels much easier than the factory stud design.

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Just about wrapped up for the day.

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