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Originally Posted by Kevin @ Integral Audio View Post
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Long story short after a very flakey installer and many others that didn’t want to mess with it, I gave up.
Oh, man. Well, for anyone else looking for a high-end plug-n-play solution we just started shipping the first early-adopter units of our new SoundstageDSP™ Ultra for the F3x. Should be up on the website for pre-order by the end of next week along with details and images. Works with HK, HIFI, and Base audio equipped F30/F80, F32/F82, and F36. Replaces front tweeter, midrange, underseats, adds 10" subwoofer with 900W going to those, standalone DSP mounted along with amp on covered hardware rack, and all plug-n-play wiring. The entire system is build around our insane level of in-vehicle measurement and testing.

Some (rough) initial pics attached (not everything is shown). If you are serious about your audio and are interested in doing the installation yourself OR if you are local NYC-area ping me, we may take a few more early-adopters.

Any idea when you might have something for the G20 3 series?