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BMW 2014 F80 M3 Engine (Turbo Inline 6) Physically Exposed!

Originally Posted by speedfan View Post
Not many of us here can extract all of 240hp out of the e36 m3, let alone 450hp f80 m3.

What I care the most is the weight, the steering feel, & on & off track performance. The rest is just useless bragging rights.

Cant wait to see the official specs & the actual car in person. I was gonna jump boat to Porsche on the next car, but the more news about the F80 m3, the more I like it.

BMW, Keep the weight of your pigs down please !!!
I agree. I owned an e30 and an e36.
The e36 got wrecked and I walked away and sold it to my mechanic.
He got a clean title and I got my insurance check and a check from him.
That being said, I run out of road long before I run out of car. My 335 will get the PPK, 19's then all the suspension mods I can afford.