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BMW 2014 F80 M3 Engine (Turbo Inline 6) Physically Exposed!

Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
You are correct that the S14 was not used in another car, but what I was saying is that the block was the same as the M10 and the heads were the same as the M88 with two cylinders removed. So 90% of the motor was based on production stock used in millions of other BMW's, much like the S50, S52 and S54 motors, which also had unique cams and individual throttle bodies.

Don't forget that the M10 block was used in the turbocharged F1 motors that made 1,400+ hp. So while it was also used in more pedestrian cars, it was also used in much more advanced configurations than the S14.

The S14 did not really have any parts commonality with the M88/3 motor (note, not an S motor) from the M5/M6 and M1 aside from the cut down M88 head.
But just because they reused the block doesn't make the motor, pedestrian.
The motor is the sum of the parts and besides cam gears and maybe pistons it didn't share parts to any degree like the e36 and e4 motors.

A good S14 is expensive due to the part being fairly unique and the caft that BMW never made more than 15K road going cars in the complete production run from 1987 to the run was done.

Anyway, we digress. The e30 M3 with the S14 motor was a very unique car.