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Originally Posted by mapezzul View Post
There is a reason the X6 gets the dome- The Active Hybrid required it so it was developed, the AH X6 sold poorly but the stamping was available- to recoup the costs and give the X6 M a more menacing look with the LCI the hood was used. In the EU the hood is optional across the lineup as BMW AG wants to recoup as much money as they can whereas the US market it is standard with the X6 M (the way it should be).

Rumors had this same concept of getting the most out of a stamping die with the 1M using the ActiveE hood but that never materialized.

I think this will be a modern interpretation of the dome for mostly aesthetics but some cooling effect as well- A better comparison would be the hood scoop on the MINI Cooper S, initially for aesthetics then it needed to provide some cooling to itself
Why the they havn't used that hood on the X5 M50d ? Or on the X5 M and X6 M ? Because it would be too overplayed.