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I just went through the same problem. I was driving a 2011 335is which I liked but wanted a naturally aspirated new car. I took a hard look at Porsche 991 S cab, the trouble was I was afraid of a 2012 and a video on youtube said you have to remove the back of the car to get at the engine. A friend got a new '12 GTS which he likes but they are hard to find new. Incidentally he offered 100k on a 120k+ car and they took it. Another friend has an '11 E63 AMG which is na but the new ones are turbo. I finally decided to get the '13 E92 M3 and I'm glad I did. I wanted an na car. I even got my wife a '12 328i E92 to get the na 6. I did a 1 pay lease and using the $1500 holiday credit and the $750 loyalty the car was a good deal. I drive 5k miles a year or less so I plan on buying the car in 3 years. It's possible I might be able to buy it for less than the 62% residual. Because of the BMWFS incentives it costs very little more than just buying the car at day 1.
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