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Originally Posted by BuLoOoSki View Post
I agree with you on the part of having a complete package that is covered under warranty making as much power as a 335 with bolt-ons.

However, I think 400-430rwhp for the stock M3 is exaggerating it a bit. I know BMW has been underrating it's engines, but I think 430rwhp is way off. I'd say 380-390rwhp is more likely where it's going to be.

And regarding modding the M3 I think it will cost much more than $1500-$1800 for a tune and TBE. Keep in mind there's a premium vendors will charge just for the M badge even though same parts for the 135 or 335 will cost half as much.
Only time will tell.

But I hold to my 400-430whp estimate.

I watched my N20 put down crank+ numbers, I see it on my friends N54, I frankly am used to seeing it on any modern FI BMW engine.

Why would the S55 suddenly be different?

As for tuning cost...BMS seems to charge the same $350-500 whether it is an M product or not. Sure, not the only game in town, but even Cobb is usually $600-900. Exhausts, well those will run from moderate to crazy like is always the case. You can be the guy to spend $5k on a titanium exhaust or be the guy who gets it done for $1000.

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