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Originally Posted by Boss330 View Post
Which is why I said that 50% of the power increase a GT-R can achieve on std turbos should be possible on the N55... The GT-R can apparently go to 650 on std turbos, if we only consider a 50% increase of that as possible on the S55 we would be at 515hp.
50% sounds high but if you know the psi at 650 hp and that this is with standard fuel it would be easier to compare. The GT2 RS as mentioned before makes similar power at similar displacement with 23 psi and the same 9:1 compression rate. That should be about 2 psi extra on the S55 at 10.2:1 compression rate. If the GT-R with 650hp runs 23psi as well it's an increase of 10 psi from stock. 2/10 is 20%.