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Originally Posted by flinchy View Post
it's an appropriate and fairly accurate analogy lol

because 'moment' is defined as

A very brief period of time.
An exact point in time.

so a moment of a force is a force is called such, as much as it's simply a specific name for a specific type of force... because it is without time

it's called these things for a reason.

"In mathematics, a moment is, loosely speaking, a quantitative measure of the shape of a set of points"

which basically sums up what i'm saying. a set of points without time.

torque in a car is indeed a rotating force... but it's a rotating force POTENTIAL (ie not moving), where power is converted to take into how much torque is applied per amount of time.
You need to read a bit further down the definition of "moment"; again, it has nothing to do with time. It is a vector product.

I can also quote Wiki: "In physics, moment is defined as the perpendicular distance from a point to a line or a surface. It is frequently used in combination with other physical quantities as in moment of inertia, moment of force, moment of momentum, magnetic moment and so on."

Torque is a twisting force period, no "potential" here. Further, if you apply torque on an object and that object is not spinning you are not generating any power no matter how much time goes by. To evaluate power you need to consider torque, rotations and time.

Power = Torque x Rotations / Time

Originally Posted by flinchy View Post
i studied mechanics of force at university, FWIW.. one of the few subjects in that degree i didn't fail HAH
Are you sure you didn't fail that course too

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