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Originally Posted by Hoosiers View Post
I agree. Will we like the next M3/M4? Ask yourself this question: Is the current M5/M6 better than the past V10 high revver? Is the current F30 better than the last e90/e92? Based on my experience with the current and past M5's, I'd say no. Based on the Car magazines that went from ranking the 3 series and M's 1st place, while being accused of taking money from BMW to calling the M5 and M6 essentially fat soulless money makers from a once great M divison.

Hell, they say a ATS and Lexus are better drivers now.


I think I've crossed the dark side to Porsche. Off topic, but the new GT3 with it's NA 3.8L 9,000RPM redline proves high revving engines are not dead just because BMW chooses to abandon it's principles.
While I do not particularly like the new M5 and M6, they drive way to big and feel heavy when maneuvered and the engine lack the soul of earlier iterations. However I have not given up on the F80, from the footage it looks very agile and taut and when it comes to the engine it will likely not be anywhere close to the emotional experience of the S65 but the fat midrange can be enjoyed in a different way. As a package you have to assume that the M-division want to build something to quite critics and show what they are still capable of. I think it's going to be great, IF they get the steering right. That is my biggest concern by a mile. If it's anything like the steering in the F10 I'm done with BMW.
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