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Originally Posted by Boss330 View Post
Sometimes the result is greater than the sum of the parts. And the best things sometimes happens by accidence. The result is what the car should be judged by, not the process leading to it's birth.

If the most important part of calling something "true M" is by the process of creation, and not by the end result. If the first is the case, then "true M" has more of a image and "poseur" meaning IMHO. What should matter is how the car drives, feels, gives feedback and if it's is a fast and enjoyable sports car.

If M make a car that is one the greatest driver cars in their history, who cares if they used parts that already were developed for the M3 or other cars? I get that a "bespoke" M3 might be perceived as a "purer" M, by the fact that it's been developed more substantially by M. But if the result of that development is carried over to the 1M, and that ends up being a more involving/"better" drivers car, what's not to like...

That is what I`m saying

Fact is that the 1M is a car that literally came out of the blue, nobody expected it really, even the higher BMW management were not aware about it`s birth.

But then it`s potential became clear, it was allowed for limited production only for reasons of hijacking production capacity from the next generation 1er.

The rest is history............
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